Jeremy Neveu, designer

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eTAIL (ex-Diatly)
A marketplace agency helping brands on their online growth by providing tools and assistance to distribute on different channels

Diatly presents an interesting challenge to meet the requirements of different user profiles.

Diatly works with brands who need a seamless way to distribute their products in multiple marketplaces. Their level of technical expertise differs so they require a clear and intuitive interface.

I worked closely with key brands to test the user workflows and UI, and refine the requirements at each iteration.

Another major part of my work is designing and maintaining tools for the internal teams. These tools are essential to manage connections between brands and marketplaces, to send and receive product data, stock information and orders.

In addition, I manage the backlog (user story writing and priorisation) and follow-up progress with developers. I also write user documentation and help the marketing team with written and video productions.

All this is accomplished by working closely with everyone and promoting open communication between teams.